Wet Paint
Wet Paint 
White Men of America
by Jon D'Arc
Mysteries of Fortune-tm (4)

A White House photographer and his NASA wife plot future sentient life with the help of special relatives and neighbors. Among the Washington elite are successful career professionals, who, failing in their dreams, seek to swing the pendulum skyward, knowing it is their moment to save the future. At the same time, family itself is a colorful and ever-changing canvas that also tells a story.
 a novel
   102 pgs

launch: Feb/2018

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Jon D'Arc is one of many pseudonyms of a recognized poet-photographer and long-time Washington resident whose earlier novels On the Crest of Time (coy, mysterious, sexy - Booklist) and Dont Drink the Eye Drops, Dream Rider (jolting...a swift quirky tale - Publishers Weekly) suggest the range and focus of his narrative gifts.

The Mystery of Fortune Series-tm from Firefall posits a simple axiom: fortune is a mystery even to itself, luring us into the arms of the unexpected. Though personal wealth and psychic health may ease the way, they are still elusive in the end. Yet, we decide our fate, even if it's unintended. Not surprisingly, each book in this series expands perception in unpredictable and entertaining ways. Fiction or non-fiction, each stands on its own as well.
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