Wave Me In  

by Vivi Lyn

The Perfect Beach Read to start the summer

A lifeguard's first summer season is a seaweed-jelly-fish soup of mind-melting drama.

  New Adult
Young Adult
   102 pgs
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The Reading Experience
Lost at sea in herself, a star swimmer dives into the dangerous waters of lifeguarding at a private beach. She finds the shore-line to be a quicksand of crime and herself a target, protected and threatened in turn. Here the opportunities of summer are multi-webbed with danger for her and her friends.

Wave Me In, the third in the YA/NA series from Firefallmedia, is the sequel to First Last Always, but stands on its own. The Gale Force Girls remain a winning team, but their transition from youth to adulthood is more imperfect, more conflicted, more promising and inevitable than they’d ever imagined.

“Pearls don't wash up on the beach. You have to dive for them, but put on your poet’s goggles and see how easily you'll find treasures of wit and suspense in this book.”  Robinson Joyce, first mate, sailor, surfer

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