Zero is the Hero

The lead screamer in an all-girl band gives full voice to her life at the outer limits of the San Francisco rave scene.

narrative fiction, 176 pages, hardcover.
9781939434074,  $19 (24)

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Third Naked Virgin

Evian Bloodmelt screams again and reinvents the world. After her all girl band implodes, Evian reclimbs the stage alone to reclaim the identity she was born with, hoping to achieve and escape the fame she fears and lusts for.

narrative fiction, 110 pages.
perfectbound, 9780915090518, $9.95

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The Ice Cream Wars: dark chocolate

Evian Bloodmelt applies her talents to novelty ice cream.

narrative fiction,  88 pages, hardcover
9781939434012, $14 (17)

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