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The Halloween opening at the Alexander Gallery (980 Madison, New York) required an invitation and black tie or costume, to see the bare bursting thighs of Robert Crumb's cartoon fanatsies, alongside the metallic black intricacy of H.R. Giger's future medievalism. Zap & Mr. Natural hung out for the night with the Aliens

The art paled in comparison with the audience however. The uptown underground showed its true form. But GWAR, the art-rock band from Richmond Virginia, turned everyone else into background. Debbie Harry, Tim Leary, John Kennedy Jr, and Rick "Beavis" Parker  attended also, but as normals. 

At the door hung a pair of blue-tinted limited-edition photographs, of Robert Crumb & Janis Joplin hugging & kissing in 1969, at Crumb's first breakthrough in California. To the Alexander Gallery show, however, Crumb sent his son. Giger held his mask in place till nearly midnight, when GWAR suddenly appeared, to walk off the wall, and overwhelm the scene.

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