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the pseudonymous series
 - tm

    the Ghost of Teec Nos Pos
    Iced: the Swan Song of the South Pole
    Child of the Song
    Zero is the Hero
    Third Naked Virgin
    On the Crest of Time
    Don't Drink the Eye Drops, Dream Rider

the water children - tm

    Give Me Back
    Indian Princess Gold
    Blue Turtle Moon Queen
    Melika and the Magic Leaf

the cult of the counter-culture - tm
    Corner Company
    Handmade Lives
    Rio Arriba

the complete mr. blot - tm

    Mysterious Mr. Blot
    Never Distrust an Asparagus
    Chants of the Hokapot Clan
    The Fog Line
    The Feed Your Food Color Cookbook

the wga drawer - tm

    Viva La Justicia!
    J: Tough Kid

nob hill novels - tm

    Secrets in Time
    The Missing Mother
    The A-List Murdeers
    Dying to Dance
    Love to Die For
    Mystery of the Mermaid
    21 Huntington Court

found art / fantasy

    Dave Sheridan's Journals
    Adam & Yves

Violet Headmess - tm

    Zero is the Hero
    Third Naked Virgin
    The Ice Cream Wars

science fiction by scientists

   Seeds of Aril
   A Planet Called Happiness
   Death by Paradox

unique journals/diaries/confessions

    The Road to Ojo Sarco
    Dr. Greencard
    California Street 1 - 3

melting plots - family secrets, legends

    Looking for Both of Us
    The Tsar's Engraver

WW2 memoirs

    I Know Who Killed me
    Major V P Marran
libido beach - tm

    The Ice Cream Wars
    Players and Puppet Masters

flash class - tm

    Go to Court
    World Windows
    MeTech: the 4th R

photography - tm

    the Sixties
    Saltwater Flats

highland seas - tm

    Largie Castle: a rifled nest
    Cold Comfort
    Singapore Survival

UNinaction - tm

   The Floor is Yours
   The Girl-Child
   NGO: the Process

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