by Elihu Blotnick

Poetry: a gift of place, mood and vision for a cold wet night,
from Russian Hill, San Francisco.  
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64 pages
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"Blotnick's voice is soft and deep like the fog that so often swirls around Russian Hill's summit, shrouding panoramic views with a veil of white and turning the hill in on itself. The poems start by looking outward, but as they are read the listener is taken deeper into Russian Hill's tiny byways, its history, its rumbling and grumbling cable car tracks and, ultimately, deep into the poet's mind. 'The view outward opens each mind to itself, then the hill becomes an ark of inward exploration,' Blotnick says." 
Sandra Ann Harris, San Francisco Examiner, 1997

Poetry-in-Transit winner and an Audio Book Club selection

Brush Strokes

A line of license plates
like a hinged snake
rising to hiss at the view,
tempers boiling like radiators
all the way to the top,
where manicured travelers wait
to weave themselves dizzy downhill,
hovering first for
a view of three bridges
linking peninsula mountains
across blue valleys of bay.
Russian Hill is a sea rock
of starfish escaping
The loose bricks of Lombard
Street clatter like rolling
stones in a shallow stream bed.
Cable cars come the steeper way.
The only hills west are waves.

© 1983, 96, 2005, 2016 Elihu Blotnick

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