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Don't Drink the Eye Drops, Dream Rider

    by Jon D'Arc
        Hardcover, ISBN 915090-06-6

A procedural romance: son of a famous photographer, Aaron Rhyder leads a failed life in the shadows, until a sudden strange fogging in his sight sends him to Dr. Alisa Grey, who lovingly injects visions into his eye with a platinum needle.

 Ghost The Ghost of Teec Nos Pos

    by Sioux Denim
        Hardcover, illustrated, ISBN 9780915090082

A mystery in which the criminal is also the victim.
A portrait of a photographer, set in the gallery scene.
A strange romance.

On the Crest of Time

    by XY Zebra
        Hardcover, illustrated, ISBN 915090-19-8

Andre Optic meets Sara Berlin: a historical romance, ca. 1990
"coy, mysterious, sexy" - Booklist

zero is the hero
Zero is the Hero

    by Violet Headmess
        Paperbound, illustrated,  ISBN 915090-99-6

The lead screamer in an all girl band gives full voice to her
life at the outer limits of the San Francisco rave scene.


    by Redland Rose
        Hardcover, ISBN 915090-19-8

Romance in motion: a winsome satire of the running scene at the Marina Green, San Francisco: lust propels a drifting sailor into the mysteries of motion after he is overwhelmed by the beauty of a red-headed runner at rest.


    by XY Zebra
        Hardcover, ISBN 978-1939434-37-1

A bomber with a portfolio, free because he fits no profile, finds his way to a family prize. "An unfailingly entertaining read from beginning to end, "Fused: The Cult of the Counter-Culture" is an extraordinary and deftly crafted novel that is unreservedly recommended for Contemporary Literary Fiction collections." Clint Travis, Midwest Book Review

Wave Me In

    by Vivi Lyn
        Hardcover, ISBN 978-0915090-41-9

The perfect beach read: A lifeguard's first summer season is a seaweed-jelly-fish soup of mind-melting drama.


by XY Zebra
        Hardcover, ISBN 978-0915090-69-3

Imperfect revenge: The rich decide their own justice.

Child of the Song

by XY Zebra
        Hardcover, ISBN 978-0915090-78-5

The perfect out-of-body read: a noir space musical and a Genesis Romance-tm.

Third Naked Virgin

by Violet Headmess
        Hardcover, ISBN 978-0915090-33-4

A shock novel: Evian Bloodmelt screams again and reinvents the world.

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