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Inquire as to bulk and custom orders on favorable terms.*

Specials: try and Search by title.
You’ll find higher and lower, as well as regular retail
prices, for used books and reviewer copies. Signed editions
show up too at times, for double or triple the list price.

Occasionally we offer 50%-off sales as well as pre-publication discounts.
However, lower prices on new books usually can be had all year from
Barnes & Noble and sometimes Amazon.
Our current usual cover prices are listed on-site.

Check the iTunes Store.  Titles currently available include
Seeds of Aril, Love to Die For, On the Crest of Time,
Major VP Marran, Largie Castle, A Slap on Three Cheeks

Digital Audio Downloads<>
Unabridged MP3s of eleven of our titles are available from Audible and iTunes.

Pseudonymous Series-tm
Intersects with other series, including Libido Beach-tm, Violet Headmess-tm, and SciFire-tm<>
Shipping and handling: No charge on internet orders, for media mail.
$7 per item, mail order for priority mail.

Buy Now: This secure internet option offers quickest payment and delivery service.
Using a bank or credit card usually initiates shipment within 48 hours.
Shipping (media mail) is free of charge; allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

<> *Inquire also about quantity discounts for clubs, cults, stores, and distributors  or call (510) 549-2461

Library, school and professional discounts are also available without relay delays, surcharges or freight. 
Replacement CDs are available as well, to libraries at no charge, other than shipping and handling.

Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.

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