Gold Blooded - 2012

The 1st novel in the Mysteries of Fortune Series-tm

The rich over-reach during the recession with fatal consequences.
by XY Zebra

narrative fiction, 132 pages, hardcover.
9780915090693,  $16 (22)

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Child of the Song - 2112
The 2nd Mystery of Fortune-tm

The Perfect Out-of-Body Read
A noir space musical and a Genesis Romance-tm
by XY Zebra

narrative fiction,  124 pages, paperback
9780915090709,  $11

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Fused - the cult of the counter-culture
The 3rd Mystery of Fortune-tm

A bomber, free as he fits no profile, creates a family prize
by XY Zebra

fiction, 102 pages.
hardcover, 9781939434371,  $17 (21)
release date: September 1, 2017

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Wet Paint - white men of America
The 4th Mystery of Fortune-tm

A White House photographer and his NASA wife plot
sentient life in the future.
by Jon D'Arc

narrative fiction,  102 pages, hardcover
9781939434517,  $17
release date:  February 22, 2018

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As Far as the Eye Can See
The 6th Mystery of Fortune-tm

An autobiography in novel form of the last family to live in Barmoor Castle, Northumberland.
by Simon Sitwell

non-fiction,  204 pages, hardcover
9781939434517,  $17 (24)
release date:  October 2, 2018

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A Choice of Inheritance
# 6 in the Mysteries of Fortune Series-tm

September - 2019

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