The Highland Sea Series
The Moss of Cree

Non-Fiction: History
200 pgs, 18 illustrations

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The Moss of Cree
A Scottish Childhood

by Mary Cecil Gladstone

The Highland Sea-tm - #2 in the series

An Adventure in Growing Up

The charming story of Mary's journey from wee'un to sophisticate, told in her own evolving voice. Raised on a dairy farm, Mary picks the natural path when possible, through spiky settings and happier dangers. The narrative takes us with her, into finding and freeing herself for a new and open future. As a descendant of an accomplished historic family, she learns quickly the intrigue of wider opportunity.

"Scottish Book of the Week"  The Courier
"A child’s eye view of life is what Mary captures beautifully." Carol Hogarth, D&G Life
"The Moss is lovely. Thank you for sharing such vivid memories!"  Dr Ian Wotherspoon
"Fresh air, invigorating!" Bob Macaulay

The Author

Mary Gladstone taught for many years at the University of Edinburgh. She also found time to write and broadcast on Scottish literature and the arts for the National press and BBC radio. She recently returned to Galloway where she grew up, to write her Highland Series.

Meet Mary in person 6pm, Tuesday 25 September, at the Wigtown Book Festival, or ask for her at your local bookstore.

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Mary C Gladstone

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