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Players and Puppet Masters

The 1st novel in the Libido Beach Series-tm

Jonas and Siesta host the world.
by XY Zebra

narrative fiction, 88 pages, hardcover.
9781939434074,  $14 (18.25)

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The Ice Cream Wars: dark chocolate

The 2nd novel in the Libido Beach Series-tm

Evian Bloodmelt tries her hand at novelty ice cream.
by Violet Headmess

narrative fiction,  88 pages, hardcover
9781939434012, $14 (17.75)

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the 3rd book in the Libido Beach Series

Kidnapping an election leads to chaos
by Jon D'Arc

fiction, 88 pages.
hardcover, 9781939434067, $14 (17.95)

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