A Choice of Inheritance

fiction: SciFire
Mystery of Fortune

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US/UK release:
September 2019

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A Choice of Inheritance
by Elihu Blotnick

A Scifire Mystery of Fortune-tm

the 4th brain: ambition is an implant

The mega-rich, adding new letters to the genetic alphabet, implant a ballet dancer with a 4th brain (on top of our existing 3). Her life illegal now, she engages rogue scientists in Washington, who help to raise her to astronaut level, to escape her earthly destiny, yet the unexpected detours her at every turn.

With deep insight and piercing intelligence, the author narrates the interplay of ambitions among uniquely capable individuals. Pulling series and characters together from previous SciFire* and Mysteries of Fortune** releases allows this complex story to be told simply. The newly established SciFire Mystery of Fortune series begins with a fascinating narrative in which implanting a 4th brain enables far-reaching ambitions and unexpected outcomes.

A poet married to an NSF scientist, Elihu Blotnick wrote the SciFire novel: ICED the swan song of the South Pole. Seven poetry books, Saltwater Flats, Russian Hill storm year, Music for a New Depression, Mysterious Mr Blot, Never Distrust an Asparagus, The Fog Line and A Slap on Three Cheeks circus season are also his. The NYT said about SWF: "Powerful and very personal images of contemporary America."

*SciFire - Science Fiction within the realm of immediate possibility.
**Mysteries of Fortune - The rich often determine their own justice.

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