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February 2019

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a forensic dozen

by Bob Macaulay

Shaggy Coo Hoots-tm - #1 in the series

Satiric Slices from Scotland

Leading sacred cows to the slaughter, peeling the pun for its extra daughter, crafting sinistergrams and slyfun, Bob Macaulay reveals his skill in distilling Scottish humours, in whimsical surgical tellings for the reader's drop-in pleasure.

Prankster, funster, language doctor, he recreates Scotland in his satire. A surgeon of his native tongue, as spoken by the living and the never were, he offers a forensic dozen, at 100 pence a piece, flap wrapped. His description says so similarly: "Stories and sketches, verging on the visceral, in which medicine, myth, romance, semi-imperial dogs and mixed media pile on each other; precariously and punitively, for a truly leaning Babel of affectionate piss-taking and parody...."

The Author

Bob Macaulay has lived most of his life in Edinburgh where he qualified in medicine in 1967 and went on to work as a lecturer in the medical school. His grandfather was also an Edinburgh medical student, in the same year as Conan Doyle, and like his fellow student, told many a tale about the extraordinary deductive observational skills of Professor Joseph Bell on whom Conan Doyle based Sherlock Holmes. Bob did a two year Pathology residency at Stanford University medical school in California, then wrote medical journal articles and chapters in standard text books. A passion for theatre brought him to the Festival Fringe. After a premature academic burial in Edinburgh, offered to him as voluntary early retirement, he got an actors' union Equity card while writing and acting with the Edinburgh Playwrights Workshop, which performed several of his plays. He's a keen cyclist and plays in a street busking group called Ukes Against Nukes, whose music is described as "the broken lorry sound" but it gets its message to us quite well.

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