by E. Axion

The Swan Song of the South Pole, as we know it.


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Space weather has a mind of its own, as do we.

Sci-Fire or science fiction within the realm of immediate possibility begins with Iced, the swan song of the South Pole, as we know it, the first novel in the new SciFire-tm series.

ICED is a story told in the alternating thoughts of Devi and Enki, scientists at the South Pole, and a couple with very different points of view about the future of the world and each other, who together encounter hostile competition from new arrivals and old friends.

Author (under the pseudonym XY Zebra) of Child of the Song, Gold-Blooded, Players and Puppet Masters, and On the Crest of Time ("coy, mysterious, sexy...a collusion of photographs and story" Booklist), E. Axion continues his efforts in literary fiction as part of the Pseudonymous Series-tm.

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