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HANDMADE LIVES:   a collective memoir

“They lived our dream!” sayeth the White Rabbitt.

HANDMADE LIVES is a cultural cross-section of a time and place
still evolving: the legacy of the love generation.

Inside the handmade houses, of Canyon California 1967-74,
the flower children fully flowered and grew their own
rebellious and poetic children, who turned away from
the unrestrained experiments of their parents, yet
took their understanding from them.

HANDMADE LIVES is a collection of 44 intimate narratives,
which detail the life of a small California hill town, that
burned and rebuilt, that fought the water company and won,
and in the process made worldwide news in the late 1960s.

hardcover, 216 pages, 49 illustrations, 7x9, $21 list
publication date: June 21, 2002
ISBN: 0-915090-15-5
out of print

paperback edition, 216 pages, 49 illustrations,  $12.95 list
publication date: March 21, 2009
ISBN: 0-915090-34-1

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