Gold Blooded

Mystery of Fortune - 2012

by X.Y. Zebra

The rich over-reach during the recession with fatal consequences

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Firefall’s new Mystery of Fortune series begins with a simple truth: fortune is unknowable, yet we decide our fate, even if it's unintended.

“A riveting, short read. West Coast wealth, centered in San Francisco, takes a bulletproof look at itself.
I can’t wait to read the sequels.”  Robinson Joyce, The Twenty-Five Million Club

“Finally, the first accurate account of the new Gold Rush rich.”  Simone Schield, Billionaire Extraordinaire

“The writing sings...” Sandra Ann Harris, president, Eco-Still

The Reading Experience
If the poor are obsessed with the rich, the rich are even more obsessed with themselves. Gylfi Jelnell and his socialite friends suffer our Great Recession like everyone else, but with a freer imagination. A dilletante of descending wealth, divorced, and a painter with a celebrity weapons collection, Gylfi finds his best guns being used against him, targeting his love life...Living in a changed world, he may change it further...

The Author
Author X.Y. Zebra carves through a new San Francisco neighborhood with his sharp wit, to find truth is only in the moment. An inspired seeker, he denies that this novel is autobiographical. "Fortune is the rhythm of luck, fate, and hope. No one ever thinks he has enough. Fortune is richness of soul and situation, the weavings of a mindful climb. Fortune often comes too late. Fortune is only real in hindsight," he says sagely but with a shrug at life's uncertainty. His earlier book On the Crest of Time is set on Russian Hill and was called "coy, mysterious and sexy" by Booklist. The same may well be said of Gold Blooded.

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