the Cult of the Counter-Culture
a Mystery of Fortune  (3)
by XY Zebra

A bomber with a portfolio, free because he fits no profile, finds his way to a family prize...Sighting is everything! Scope is all, when fear reigns.

"An unfailingly entertaining read from beginning to end, "Fused: The Cult of the Counter-Culture" is an extraordinary and deftly crafted novel that is unreservedly recommended for Contemporary Literary Fiction collections." Clint Travis, Midwest Book Review

116 pages



  US print release
February 2018

UK release: tba


The narrator is a master of explosives, both a pagan chemist and sophisticated survivor of the ironies of his existence. Son of a success that he wants to destroy, to redirect humankind, he is known but still free because he fits unofficial socio-political policy also. Before long, a hero to himself, he plays with poisoned fire, as ever more venomous paths reveal themselves.

Author X.Y. Zebra reshapes the California Coast with sharp insight, to find truth is only in the moment. As one of 4,000 Unabomber suspects, in fact, he re-imagines the man without restraint,
in this fictional memoir. Zebra’s earlier book On the Crest of Time was called "coy, mysterious, sexy...a collusion of photographs and story" by Booklist. The radical protagonist of Fused is rather more extreme. (Pseudonymous Series-tm 9)

Firefall’s Mystery of Fortune series posits a simple axiom: fortune is a mystery to itself, luring us into the arms of the unexpected. Personal wealth and psychic health may ease the way, but they’re always elusive. We decide our fate, even if it's unintended. Not surprisingly, each novel in this series expands the series in unpredictable ways. Each stands on its own as well.

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