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on the crest of time
On The Crest of Time
by XY Zebra
a smart romance, seductively funny, beautifully written.
"coy, mysterious, sexy" Booklist
release date: May 2015
read by Elihu Blotnick & Jacqueline Ford
4 CD audio - 5 hours;  9781939434890; $27
(pre-order) for discount and free shipping

The Swan Song of the South Pole
by E. Axion
read by Elihu Blotnick & Jacqueline Ford
fiction, audiobook, 9781939434975
release date: September 2015
(pre-order) for discount and free shipping
The A-List Murders
a Hallie Marsh Mystery
by Merla Zellerbach
read by Catherine LaMoreaux
digital download - audiobook
available from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes only
release date: April 2015

California Street 3  - the audio
San Francisco Adventures and some that only began here
a miscellany by Elihu Blotnick exploring the nature of art.
audiobook:  $19.50
release date: tba
(pre-order) for discount and free shipping

Rescuing the RAF
and other WW2 stories
by Major VP Marran
read by Robinson Joyce and Kathryn Delap
4 CD audio - 4 hours 33 minutes;  9780915090556; $21
An Audible release
release date: tba
Viva La Justicia
a novel of suspense by XY Zebra
The first in the Justice Series-tm
Fiction, 180 pages
hardcover, 9781939434036, $21
release date: tba
Also forthcoming in 2015

The Last Living Master -  a photographer confronts his fate.

Due Process: a memoir -
the 1st non-fiction revelation in the Justice Series-tm

Mythos - new science-fiction by scientists-tm.

The Glove - a strengthening system by Arnold Tobin

Feed Your Food Color - a Mr. Blot cookbook

Poetry USA - as reported on British radio - NF

Ear to Ear - a medical text

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