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Largie Castle
Largie Castle
A Rifled Nest
by Mary Gladstone

Non-Fiction Quest for Lost Family
The first in the Highland Series
hardcover, 9781939434302: 340 pgs, $33

release date: March 2, 2017
(pre-order) for discount and free shipping in the U.S.

The Last Living Master
The Last Living Master
Red Gold, Black Platinum
by Elihu Blotnick

The first in the Masters of Vision Series
fiction: a photographer confronts his fate
audiobook: 9781939434104, $12.95
2 CDs, 2 hours 30 minutes, read by the author
release date: February 2017
(pre-order) for discount and free shipping in the U.S.

on the crest of time
On The Crest of Time
by XY Zebra
a smart romance, seductively funny, beautifully written.
"coy, mysterious, sexy" Booklist  
read by Elihu Blotnick & Jacqueline Ford;
4 CD audio - 5 hours;  9781939434890: $27
audio release: May 2015
digital download available from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes: $19.95

The A-List Murders
a Hallie Marsh Mystery
by Merla Zellerbach
read by Catherine LaMoreaux
digital download - audiobook - (4 hrs 38 min)
release date: May 2015
available from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes only: $14.95

California Street 3  - the audio
San Francisco Adventures and some that only began here
a miscellany by Elihu Blotnick exploring the nature of art.
audiobook:  $19.50
release date: tba
(pre-order) for discount and free shipping

Rescuing the RAF
and other WW2 stories
by Major VP Marran
read by Robinson Joyce and Kathryn Delap
4 CD audio - 4 hours 33 minutes;  9780915090556; $21
release date: January 2016
digital download available from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes
Viva La Justicia
a novel of suspense by XY Zebra
The first in the Justice Series-tm
Fiction, 180 pages
hardcover, 9781939434036, $21
release date: tba
Also forthcoming in 2016-2017

Mythos - new science-fiction by scientists-tm

The Glove - a strengthening system by Arnold Tobin

Six Short Films - animated from documentary stills by Elihu Blotnick

Feed Your Food Color - a Mr. Blot cookbook

Poetry USA - as reported on British radio - NF

Ear to Ear - a medical text

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