firefallfilms  (in pre-production)

     On the Crest of Time
     Dream Rider
     Zero is the Hero

     Mystery of the Mermaid
     Burn Nurse
     Handmade Lives
     The Ghost of Teec Nos Pos
     The Ice Cream Wars
     The Complete Blot (animation)

A set of 7 shorts  (in production)

      Music for a New Depression - image-poetry from 2008
      Russian Hill - storm year - image-poetry from 1981
      Webfooted Friends - thematic imagery from 1976
      Choice & Chance - narrative imagery from 1969

television series  (pilots ready)
       Players and Puppet Masters
       The Floor is Yours: the UNinaction series
       Blue Turtle Moon Queen: The Water Children-tm

Inquiries invited

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