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Don't Drink the Eye Drops,
Dream Rider

Son of a famous photographer, Aaron Rhyder leads a failed life in the shadows, until a sudden strange fogging in his sight sends him to Dr. Alisa Grey, who lovingly injects visions into his eye with a platinum needle. A classic in the medicine of vision, in the tradition of Kafka and Poe. A procedural romance.

"jolting...a swift quirky tale"
Publishers Weekly

"insight and entertainment" Linda Vader, ASORN

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Chapter One

Palm leaves clapping in the wind, and rising cloud horizons didn't deter the big women in little bathing suits, the lean surfers competing for the ice-blue waves, or the mattress people sleeping on the steep beach, dreaming of sushi soaked in garlic soup. Nearby at the golf resort, the 80-year-olds doing 80 laps, in chill water below the new green hills, defined their own time, with flowers falling everywhere, and parties of birds surprising. At the naval base, a glider-winged spy plane lifted off and soared toward the stratosphere, extending its sensors, to test the life support of earth below. My calves cramping, I scattered the reef fish. My ex-wife chased our son home, to an address I wasn't allowed to learn.

I cleaned my glasses. They weren't dirty. The smudges were in my eyes. Ahead, the wind tore the surf apart, clouding the road edge. Something was wrong I wasn't ready for. I drove on, toward the north star.

I woke to black branches, floating in my vision of the satin yellow pillow. The motel coffee didn't clear them. I could manage though. I'd have to manage. The floaters seemed like a birthmark breaking up, unable to. They might keep me company forever now. Still I kept to my search, to buy a cliff side cabin of my own....

© 1996, 2005, 2018 Jon D'Arc

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