California Street Editions

Early Books by Elihu Blotnick

Saltwater Flats - photographs and poems, a personal journey

"Powerful and very personal images of contemporary America." 
  New York Times Book Review

paper, 64 pages, ISBN 915090-00-7, signed collectible, $127  

California Street 1 - narrative non-fiction & short story journalism

"Fascinating and frightening"
 The Pacific Historian

paper, 180 pages, illustrated, ISBN 915090-21-X, $14.50

Russian Hill, Storm Year - El Nino poetry

paper, ISBN 915090-17-1, $11

Mysterious Mr. Blot - whimsy illustrated by Barbara J. Robinson

paper, ISBN 915090-09-0, $7.75

Never Distrust an Asparagus - musical whimsy illustrated by Barbara J. Robinson

paper, ISBN 915090-10-4, $7.75

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