Angel's Diamonds
Angel's Diamonds 

The way a cowboy depended on his horse, the pilot counts on his plane, but it’s a more subtle beast, subject to sabotage, the FAA, and long distances between feeding stations. In this absorbing novel, Josh Browning, his wife Claire, and their ex-police dog Angel carve out a life for themselves in Fairbanks and beyond. The human dangers are far greater however than the whims of the weather. Surviving is essential, but thriving is the goal. Good readers get to share the ride.

Diamonds come in many forms, as personal, as unreal possibilities, as loyal friends, and as crystals from cold volcanos. Do they exist in Alaska or are they a con from the lower 48? Josh’s life depends on finding out the full truth.
 a novel
   200 pgs

release date:
April 2, 2018

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The Author
WAYNE PINGER is a 24 year veteran of the Alaskan experience, with five years at the Geophysical Institute in technical support, much of it in the field as a FCC licensed Electrical Engineer. He also had a non-licensed aerial photography and taxi service: Fly by Knight, Mining and Exploitation. This is his debut novel. His Alaskan friends became his characters. He tells a good story too, knows his way around, and has created an independent world lived in bravely. He now resides with his family in the Pacific North-West.

The Experience
This is book one in the Angels in Alaska series.  Here a confidant bush pilot and wily trader, willing to go to any length, ferrying refreshments to the North Slope, enjoys an unusual set of summer surprises. His engrossing adventures in the air match those on the ground. At work and in play, in life and near death, whether by fixing a broken washing machine, or by flying a plane without controls, Josh Browning challenges the wide sky with his wry sense of humor, testing himself to his limit. His skills come in handy, as Alaska allows in cons and determined men hiding from the laws of the lower 48. These men freely intend to extend their territory. They own the pie and every slice in it, they think, and let Josh know it: Big mistake!
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