First Last Always

by Vivi Lyn and Pere Butter

The runners and jumpers of the track team graduate to the real world. Severn, Terri, and Likely, the long-legged girls, find their stride and their pride, as they enter the spring season competitions. It is also prom, yearbook, and grad time, and the girls, as the school council, are reponsible for bringing surprise and fun to events.

Without a real coach, talent still finds its level. The girls' track team was a footnote to the boys', but not anymore.  RJ, editor

  Young Adult Fiction
   80 pgs
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“A team is more than its scorecard. Backgound makes as much of a difference as body type. Each player brings along her best sense of herself, even if the race is a stretch or results in a wash. But sometimes winning is as natural as breathing. In this short novel, you can feel the wind off the bay and see through the mists of high school into the private lives of the heroines to share their fun with them.”  Arnold Tobin, Olympian, trainer

"What atmosphere. What romantic weather! High school as it happens. Expectant players live their team dreams. Wish I had to do it all over again. This little novel is the next best thing.”  Violet Headmess, ghost comedian

Wave Me In  

by Vivi Lyn

The Perfect Beach Read

A lifeguard's first summer season is a seaweed-
jelly-fish soup of mind-melting drama.

  New Adult
Young Adult
   102 pgs

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Lost at sea in herself, a star swimmer dives into the dangerous waters of lifeguarding at a private beach. She finds the shore-line to be a quicksand of crime and herself a target, protected and threatened in turn. Here the opportunities of summer are multi-webbed with danger for her and her friends.

Wave Me In, the third in the YA/NA series from Firefallmedia, is the sequel to First Last Always, but stands on its own. The Gale Force Girls remain a winning team, but their transition from youth to adulthood is more imperfect, more conflicted, more promising and inevitable than they’d ever imagined.

“Pearls don't wash up on the beach. You have to dive for them, but put on your poet’s goggles and see how easily you'll find treasures of wit and suspense in this book.”  Robinson Joyce, first mate, sailor, surfer

The Pusher

by James Littlejohn

A match-point comedy: a high school tennis super-star, mentored by a recurring hallucination, journeys to rediscover his swagger after a humiliating defeat.

  Young Adult Fiction
   94 pgs
$21 ($15)

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"From the inclusion of a storyline to the total absence of any sort of recipes, Littlejohn hilariously subverts all the conventions of traditional gastronomical literature. This volume is quite unlike any cookbook in my collection. Oh, this isn't a cookbook? I need a new shelf."  James Lawrence Archibald II, comedian

"Cam Ellis mimics the styling of former tennis stars till he finds out who he truly is, after a defeat by a lack-luster player, The Pusher, who's sole purpose is to break Cam's game. I was charmed by Cam, a talented, privileged, dramatic, lovable player. No matter what Cam does, no matter how ridiculous and absurd he is, I couldn't help but cheer for him. The book never loses its edgy sense of humor, even in its sweetest moments. Throughout, Littlejohn surprised me with hilarious and unexpected jokes. I honestly can't wait to see this book brought to life on the big screen — it would translate so well!"  Jenna Kim Jones, The Daily Show

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