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Seven Well-Crafted Books, Timely, Revealing, Enduring, Queue for Launch

A Slap on Three Cheeks, The Last Living Master, Largie Castle, Wet Paint, The Moss of Cree, As Far as the Eye Can See, and Incisions, all new to the UK, from Firefallmedia in California, are here or on their way.

Largie Castle: a rifled nest by Mary C Gladstone, a descendent of rebels and high Tories, seeking moral truth, offers an open view of her Macdonald uncle and his lasting influence. The Laird-to-be died twice, in war and again by slander in the press, with the prevailing code of honor broken by an unlikely cannibal, literally. By re-creating her uncle's life and adding to the British narrative in all its layered complexity, Mary has completed the first book in her non-fiction Highland Trilogy. Featured by Scotland Magazine.

A Slap on Three Cheeks: circus season is 'A smart frown on the political clown in all of us.' Its 27 poems spare none of the players in Washington's center ring. In print and as an ebook on Amazon and as an audio from Audible and iTunes, award-winning San Francisco poet Elihu Blotnick challenges the politics of language and the language of politics. This is an instant book/audio, created in ten days, available now. The title also refers to Donald's three faces and offers up spiky insight into historic times in America.

The Last Living Master: black platinum, red gold, also by poet-photographer Elihu Blotnick, is a fictional memoir, offering its own plate of cultural revelations. A tour de force, the story involves a cross-country trip with a platinum photographic printer and his digitally-minded son, as they challenge each other's art and authority across time zones. The love life of the characters gives an extra dimension to the story, in their attempt to redefine family. Behind the best images in the press and gallery world are equally powerful personalities who have mastered their idiosyncrasies. True well-told tales of Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Edward Weston, and Freda Kahlo plus the author's own experience give extra weight to the plot. The book, delayed, to launch in February 2018 in the UK, is available now as a digital audio download on Audible and iTunes.

Wet Paint: White Men of America by Jon D'Arc: A White House photographer and his NASA wife plot sentient life in the future; ficton: A Mystery of Fortune - 4; hardbound: 9781939434517: 102 pgs; launch: February 2018

The Moss of Cree: A Scottish Childhood by Mary C Gladstone: from wean to sophisticate in her own voice: non-fiction: The Highland Sea - 2; hardcover: 9781939434487: 200 pages: launch: June 2018. Featured in D&G Life.

As Far as the Eye Can See by Simon Sitwell: an autobiography in novel form, detailing the loss of empire and estate from an author with a DFC and a famous military and literary lineage; non-fiction: A Mystery of Fortune - 6; hardcover: 9781939434654: 206 pages: launch date: October 2018

Incisions by Bob Macaulay: satiric slices from Scotland: a miscellany of "shaggy coo hoots" - paperback; 9781939434630; 184 pages; launch: February 2019

Elihu Blotnick won the Poetry-in-Transit contest in San Francisco, after releasing an enduring book of poems (Russian Hill, storm year), and won praise from the NYTimes for another book of his photographs and poems (Saltwater Flats): "Powerful, and very personal, images of contemporary America." Blotnick's voice, trained in the NYU theater department, adds interpretative resonance to his readings.

Short story writer, poet, playwright and literary critic, Mary C Gladstone taught for many years at the University of Edinburgh. She also found time to write and broadcast on Scottish literature and the arts for the National press and BBC radio. She recently returned to Galloway where she grew up, to live by the sea in Scotland's most southerly village, though she travels now to the U.S. yearly.

The Mystery of Fortune Series-tm from Firefall posits a simple axiom: fortune is a mystery even to itself, luring us into the embrace of the unexpected. Though personal wealth and psychic health may ease the way, they are elusive in the end. Yet, we decide our fate, even if it's unintended. Not surprisingly, each book in this series expands perception in unpredictable and entertaining ways. Fiction or non-fiction, each stands on its own as well.

Firefallmedia is a boutique California publisher with branches now in Scotland, Paris, San Francisco, and New York.

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