Tilting in Mid-Ocean

by Tom Pope

a heavy book for light readers

Intelligence comes in many forms.


A Debut Novel Takes The Case To Court.

Washington, D.C. 11/7/11 - Riding a wave of cultural change with its advocacy of animal intelligence, Tom Pope’s novel Tilting in Mid-Ocean is being released in paperback November 21. Originally published in hardcover in the spring of 2010, the novel is based on an encounter between L.A. news anchor Michael Hunter and an orca who rescues him from a plane crash in the Pacific Northwest. The orca takes him to an unnamed island where he is healed by a Kwakiutl shaman, who teaches him the way of the Blackfish. When Michael returns to civilization, he is at odds with his life. With his family and his career on the line, he takes drastic measures to prove there is a mind in the waters equal to or superior to that of a human, and thereby worthy of the protections of the Constitution.
     Tom Pope is a Los Angeles writer who makes a strong case for considering the extraordinary intelligence that lives in the sea. Interestingly, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) more recently has filed suit in Federal Court in San Diego over this very issue, accusing Sea World of slavery on behalf of five orcas. The case, now in progress, invokes the Constitution for legal precedence.
     The voice of the killer whale will now be heard, part of humanity’s rapidly evolving comprehension of its place in the cosmic scheme of things. "A heavy book for light readers," Tilting In Mid-Ocean delivers the emphatic message “We are not alone.”
    Tilting in Mid-Ocean in paperback will be available on Amazon as well as on the publisher's website 11-21-11.

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