The Water Children
The Last Living Master

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#1 in the Masters of Vision Series

The Last  Living Master

by poet-photographer Elihu Blotnick, is a fictional memoir, offering its own plate of cultural revelations. A tour de force, the story involves a cross-country trip with a platinum photographic printer and his digitally-minded son, as they challenge each other’s art and authority across time zones. The love life of the characters gives an extra dimension to the story, in their attempt to redefine family. Behind the best images in the press and gallery world are equally powerful personalities who have mastered their idiosyncrasies. True well-told tales of Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Edward Weston, and Freda Kahlo plus the author’s own experience give extra weight to the plot.

Elihu Blotnick won the Poetry-in-Transit contest in San Francisco, after releasing an enduring book of poems (Russian Hill, storm year), and won praise from the NYTimes for another book of his photographs and poems (Saltwater Flats): "Powerful, and very personal, images of contemporary America." Blotnick’s voice, trained in the NYU theater department, adds interpretative resonance to his readings.
The Last Living Master

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According to the author, “The book is a word-print. I trust my own experience, and I believe my photographer friends, that the rest of the information, intimately acquired from historical figures, is in all details accurate. Otherwise this is fiction to a purpose, based on a solid reality, much like a photograph.”

Andre Coral starts with a view camera from the gold rush, that a relative used with miners in the Yukon. After apprenticing to two of the immortals, Andre begins making cameras of his own. In the darkroom he tries to refine the past by improving on the chemistry of gold and platinum printing. Cran, his only son, is a challenging new generation, intent on breaking free entirely and leaping into the future, to seduce a digital muse. “Let’s talk Freud,” Cran demands of his father. Mastery, as a test of personality, determines the unexpected end.

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