The Floor is Yours 
Freud Comes to the UN, to Celebrate his 150th birthday

"Powerful and insightful...unique...timely and significant...quite edifying...I was surprised to know that the UN works with psychoanalysts...It is important the public understand, the UN works with professionals in non-political areas also, to make essential changes in the world."
Pietra, Wilsonnl, brodi, Darno Pun - NGOCSWNY

   46 minutes
  NTSC 4:3

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The Documentary Experience

THE  FLOOR IS YOURS: Psychoanalytic Approaches to the Prevention of Violence, is the first in the UNinaction-Series-tm. An inside view of the brightest minds at work in the search for peace, this 46 minute film is one of a kind. The experts involved inform each other, as they explore the reality in depth. We see decisions in progress on an international level, by people with a mission.
Shown at conferences worldwide, from Berlin to Buenos Aires, this documentary presents the 2006 IPA (International Psychoanalytical Association) UN conference.  The IPA has special consultancy status and meets yearly to assist in the process of UN resolutions. The film follows the progress of the day and includes a speech by a brilliant member of the Secretariat and a candidate for Secretary General.

Through special access, the 2008 meeting has also been filmed, but not yet edited. It relates to Mental Health as a basic human right. Unfortunately, the United Nations is a companionable blind spot in the American landscape. Chartered for peace and in continuous conference, the U.N. has much to offer however. Experts from around the globe gather daily to discuss global concerns, next door in our midst. The documentary series will continue with other UN events of special and significant interest.

Elihu Blotnick, the film-maker, is a Nikon award winning photographer, and maker of theatrical shorts. His short, WEBFOOTED FRIENDS: a film that has nothing to do with ducks, has been shown at festivals and on television worldwide. Indeed it played on July 4th for seven years straight on Showtime. In THE FLOOR IS YOURS, he also provides the narrative and the narration.

Produced by Vivian Pender.


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