The Complete Blot

All four books in the Mr. Blot Series-tm
of whimsey for children and adults:

Mysterious Mr. Blot in which we discover him
Never Distrust an Asparagus
The Fog Line
Chants of the Hokapot Clan
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In Book One, Mr. Blot welcomes Pengwendolin
into his home. Together they tamper with the weather.
Blot's true nature is soon revealed, leading to more than
one surprise. In Book Two, Mr. Blot's adventures with
the weather produce a most unusual music and make
Pengwendolin, his partner from Antarctica most, most
famous. In the third book, Mr. Blot travels to the city
in search of Lauren Lake. In the final book, Mr. Blot
finds his own inner weather in outer space.  
Elihu Blotnick’s first book SALTWATER FLATS (BBM Associates, 1975) was reviewed by the New York Times as “powerful and very personal  images of contemporary America.” He is also the author of RUSSIAN HILL (California Street, 1982), a small but enduring book of poetry. His newly released photography books include SEEDLINGS, GLIMMINS and FREE FOR ALL.

Recording of THE COMPLETE BLOT began in 2000, finished in 2006, and was re-edited and remastered for release in 2016. The original illustrated book was first printed in 1981, or thereabouts. The Blot and the Butter families combined to read and produce this recording.

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