A picture visit to the Children of the Western Woods, growing up in a nature preserve. And a romance of the redwoods and a story-portrait of a two room school-house.

"Elihu is a magician with the camera " - Elena Menge

"Incredibly intimate portraits" John Ramos, CBS Nightly News

"The photo captions came from the kids themselves, and nothing outdoes the quote on the cover: 'My name's Canyon. I live in a canyon called Canyon.'" Sam Whiting, San Francisco Chronicle

"It's a leap to suggest that a Nikon FTN, with 35 and 85 mm Nikkor lenses, a stack of no-longer-available Portriga Rapid paper and a darkroom's liquid chemistry could embody the wild west, ecology, 20th century fashion and a universe of doubt, hope, discipline and rebellious freedom. But visiting the gallery or thumbing through "Seedlings, the Canyon Kids," a 72-image book published by Firefall Editions in 2009, there's no denying the work's suggestive complexity." Lou Fancher, Contra Costa Times

  a photo-story-book
   73 illustrations
84 pgs
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Of additional interest:

The Glimmins
a fictional
story book further
defining the children
of the Western Woods

The Experience
This book is a chance to see through the redwoods to the intimacy and individuality of childhood. The children speak for themselves in words and gesture, and welcome the view and the visit. The photographer is near invisible, as no one seems to notice him. Each image is a moment in time, that now lives forever.

The Author
Elihu Blotnick’s photographs have appeared in Esquire, Camera, Harper’s and Life. and been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the Stedelijk (the museum of modern art in Amsterdam), the Photokina in Cologne (the world’s largest photographic trade show), and at the Oakland Museum in California. He has photographs in special collections at the Library of Congress and the California Historical Society. The New York Times wrote about his first photographic book (SALTWATER FLATS, BBM Associates, 1975), “Powerful and very personal images of contemporary America.” He has also been the main photographer for dozens of textbooks from Addison-Wesley, Field Educational Publications, and others. His poetry includes RUSSIAN HILL storm year, NEVER DISTRUST AN ASPARAGUS, and MYSTERIOUS MR. BLOT. Under pseudonyms, he has also written three novels about photography.

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