Pearl No Pearl  

Growing Up Gifted
the voice of time in 21 layers of mind
by PA Glowein

The story of a newly American girl, who finds her place in the world, by way of art, travel, family and her own voice.

  oral history
in print

    (narrative fiction)
166 pages
13 illustrations
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Pearl’s father kept a journal for her in so far as he was allowed, and only hinted at it to her. Charmed by the novelty of her expressions and perceptions, he took his task to heart. Her playful exhuberance as well as her words were easy to capture. At first Pearl didn’t know she’d written a book: it took twenty years to happen. Now of course she’s aware. We all are. She hopes you enjoy it.

Pearl’s story is a monologue of milestones evolving over twenty years, Playful, smart, and willful, she grows less revealing, but
her grasp of language is ever stronger. Free to explore and challenge as she pleases, she creates her own world through the alphabet of art. Daily she tests herself, decides her life, and learns how to live.

© 2015

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