Music for a New Depression  

by Elihu and Rama

An arrow to the heart of Washington:
a biting take on Earth politics, as practiced in the U.S.

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Full Newswire PR release - 2016
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The Encounter

Music for a New Depression, songs of a native oracle, slices the political scene to shreds, then wands it back together. Read in reggae and sung in gentle and caustic tones in the manner of old time blues, the singer makes us realize that the real constituency, the only one that matters, is the land itself. Recorded on a mountain top in New Mexico, the songs are arrows to the heart of Washington, meant to light the sky as they travel there, by taking to task the national political scene and the current politics of language.
    Elihu (the lyricist) sees the national herd rushing toward a high cliff. His songs are meant to be heard above the thunder. At moments, his raw warnings strike like lightning.
    Rama Kim (the singer/guitarist), a child of flower children, who toured cross-country before he was ten, finds his voice in the harmonic tones. “I grew up on the blues, reggae and jazz. The music came to me in an instant. My goal is to give the expression character.” An original, he succeeds brilliantly.
    Recorded in Rama’s Ojo Sarco studio, the audio CD release consists of two parts, Rama singing, followed by Elihu reading the lyrics as he first wrote them. This is a straight recording, done in three days, with one tube microphone and a portable deck: simple, acoustic blues with a complexity and brilliance of language rare in the world of music and poetry. The album ends with rhythmic advice to the next American president.
    Sure to be controversial, this 36 minute recording reflects the popular contempt for politics, openly, honestly, and entertainingly.
    The DVD is a music video of the first song on the CD.
    The Lyrics come in the form of a poetry book, perfectbound, that includes additional political poems by Elihu, not available before now.
     The CD of the Poetry Reading is by the lyricist, an award-winning poet who is also an accomplished audio book reader. This CD includes newly available poems as well.
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