A story in 250 words and 60 photographs, introducing and defining the Glimmins: woods-children in search of themselves, spirited rascals looking up. The definition evolves with the book. At first a Glimmin is a boy who can cross his eyes. Soon it’s the demon of personality in all children.

a photo-story

   64 pgs, illustrated

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The Author

Elihu Blotnick’s photographs have appeared in Esquire, Camera, Harper’s and Life. and been exhibited at the Stedelijk (the museum of modern art in Amsterdam), the Photokina in Cologne (the world’s largest photographic trade show), and at the Oakland Museum in California. He has photographs in special collections at the Library of Congress and the California Historical Society. The New York Times wrote about his first photographic book (SALTWATER FLATS, BBM Associates,1975), “Powerful and very personal images of contemporary America.” He has also been the main photographer for dozens of textbooks from Addison-Wesley, Field Educational Publications, and others. His poetry includes RUSSIAN HILL storm year, NEVER DISTRUST AN ASPARAGUS, and MYSTERIOUS MR. BLOT.

The Experience
"In ten years of photographing the children of California I’ve succeeded in at least one classic set of photographs: a sequence at a two-room school of the children posing freely for their end-of-the-year picture. It’s been taken as a metaphor for both the disintegration of civilization and joyous release. The photographs have been widely published and exhibited. Now, visiting similar environments, I’ve tried to create a clearly positive statement by photographing the children in all their pride, undaunted, before the rules of posing overwhelm more natural postures.The original title of this effort was LOOKING UP. The tilt of the children make the viewer feel ten feet tall. That seemed enough. But then the images began to speak, say things that made sense to each other and suddenly the Gglimmins happened. “Children of the Western Woods” remains the sub-title. (All the children in fact are from two-room school-houses in northern California. They share the same spirit and story."  EB

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