The Ghost of Teec Nos Pos

"Extraordinary" - Rust Hills 

"Prismatic Eloquence" - Kathryn Delappe

A mystery in which the criminal is also the victim.
A portrait of a photographer.
A strange romance.

  a novel
   526 pgs
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July 1, 2010

in progress
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The Reading Experience

The art-wars have a reluctant leader, Silica Tilsin, a photographer unable to still the fire-woman he loves, or escape the gallery owner who claims his best work. Get dangerous, he tells himself, and is soon haunted by the consequences. Prairie Fire, his difficult and fascinating muse, more beautiful than any of her arts, keeps Silica on edge. Blue Kayak, a secretive gallery owner, outlives his many disguises. And Silica’s portraits take on a controlling life of their own.

A loner, creating communities that he can never belong to, Silica tries to escape in a Golden Hawk, his father’s car, to a medicine feather life, but the grave he’s created centers his search for understanding.

The Author
The literary legacy of the silver era is this author’s gift to his readers. The Ghost of Teac Nos Pos is a novel of a photographer-poet revealed by his writing. This is the fifth book in the Pseudonymous Series-tm

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