Filing an Expression of Interest (EOI) and/or a Non-Competitive Bid.

Firefall Literary offers several kinds of auctions, competitive and non-competitive.  To begin, we require an Expression of Interest (EOI) from you, to help decide what properties will be auctioned next. An Expression of Interest may include a preliminary offering bid, which may prevail, if no bids are received at the formal auction.

An EOI is an informal nomination. It can be in writing or e-mailed. No fees are involved. Please provide a complete description, which includes the property, rights, and terms which would interest you at auction, and close with your name, company and contact information. There is no obligation and your privacy is insured.

If further, you want to make a pre-sale non-competitive bid, for an amount at or above the minimum, please identify the time frame for your interest as well. Here also there is no obligation and your privacy is insured.

If you want to make a pre-sale non-competitive above-minimum bid, that may prevail and become binding on all agreed parties, should no bids be received at auction, then you need to send a signed contract, with all particulars detailed, to Robinson Joyce, at Firefallmedia; Box 189, Canyon California 94516, at least 21 days prior to auction.
Please note that book contracts must take into account the following: that all bids are considered advances against royalties, that some part of the bid be considered a participation grant and hence non-returnable, that a marketing commitment is required, that different properties are in different stages of completion, that in certain instances not all rights are available, that some authors and artists are deceased and that others prefer their anonymity, that time is of the essence, and that the property must be kept alive, well and available or the rights revert to the copyright holder. Standard clauses, to be sure, and as such must be included.

For screen plays, options may be arranged if they are to the mutual benefit of all involved.

The auction schedule will be announced in the spring.

Also, please be aware that properties may be withdrawn at any time without prior notification and for reasons entirely of our own choosing. These will not be arbitrary however. Also, once an auction is begun, or a contract signed by all parties, there will be no change in the property or the contractual arrangement, without the consent of all parties involved.


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