A Slap on Three Cheeks - circus season

by Elihu Blotnick

poetry of the moment

“a smart frown on the political clown in all of us....” 
Violet Headmess, author of the Ice Cream Wars

52 pgs, paper
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Music CD
composer and voice
Rama Kim

Poetry as lyrics for a politicized year. Attack poems, if you prefer, sparing no one and approaching reggae. Irony works well with syncopation after all. Indeed a music CD is in progress. Meanwhile, these poems of the moment are yours to enjoy, with a sneer or a smile. “The positivity of the author’s advice to the president is worth the price of admission though.” Robinson Joyce, publisher/critic

Elihu Blotnick won the Poetry-in-Transit contest years ago in San Francisco, after releasing a small enduring book of poems (Russian Hill, storm year), and won praise from the NYTimes for another book of imagery and poems (Saltwater Flats): "Powerful, and very personal, images of contemporary America." Blotnick's voice, trained in the NYU Drama Department, offers many moments of interpretive dimension to his readings of his books.

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