A Planet Called Happiness  

by R.M. Robinson

Earth seeds the universe with new life. Firefall's Science Fiction by Scientists-tm series flowers with cosmic wonder in this highly original novel. Here the dramatic perspective on human evolution creates an epic universe unforeseen and unrealized till now. A new genesis romance is the intriguing result.
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The Raves

“…Robinson examines a few new discoveries in thorough scientific detail, never forgetting the humanity of the explorers’ stories. Readers interested in the minutia (details) of worldbuilding will most appreciate this outing.”   Publisher's Weekly

"Through careful attention to keeping track of individual journeys through time, Robinson crafts a wonderful tapestry of thousand –year travel jaunts between the stars, and planned rendezvous between people millennia in the future. Everyone carries their own personal rendezvous log pendant that they share with others to set up meetings in the far future. Brilliant!...I only know of a hand full of stories that have attempted to work romance into a story line spanning 100,000 years or more, such as H.G Wells ‘The Time Machine’ or Isaac Asimov’s ‘The End of Eternity’, but each did it by drastically bending the Laws of Nature almost beyond recognition. You might as well wave a magic wand! Only in the case of Robinson’s deftly engineered universe do we see a plausible way of allowing interstellar travel  using reasonable extensions of current technology. He reserves the ‘magic’ for the graceful and entirely believable way in which he handles human behavior."  Dr. Sten Odenwald (National Institute of Aerospace/NASA)

"This book abounds with romance, interesting concepts, intriguing storylines, and plausible technology. Without violating the laws of science, Robinson uses time as a free parameter to create a fascinating new universe in which space travelers routinely uncouple from the rest of civilization to explore the galazy, yet stay connected across time and space. I couldn't put either of his books down."  Dr. Robert McCoy, Director, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

"Continuous, unified and omnipotent communication confronts evil on a galactic scale, with an unpredictable, exciting conclusion - or is there more? Totally captivating!"  Dr. Lawrence Zanetti, Space Department, John Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory

Pirates plunder the galactic garden, while heroes of previous space wars, dedicated to halting the predators, find their own lives entangled unpredictably by fate, time, and distance.
The sequel to The Seeds of Aril.

The Author
R.M. Robinson is a space scientist specializing in studies of the aurora borealis. His research has taken him to remote sites in Alaska, Arctic Canada, Greenland, and Scandinavia. He is currently a program director at the U.S. National Science Foundation.

R.M. Robinson at home in the past and in the future.

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